So here it is! My first solo exhibition of photographs was hung on Saturday, thanks to help from some good friends.  Left to my own devices I would have struggled, as I have been overcome by a very heavy cold and have spent the entire weekend sneezing prodigiously and working my way through not one but two entire boxes of paper tissues!  Bleurgh.  Never mind, I shall soon bounce back, I'm sure, and will then pop along to the Half Moon Café in Roberts Park for a proper look.  It will be interesting to watch and listen to what people have to say....  Thanks so much for all your good wishes.

We had a heavy snowfall on Saturday too, the first of this winter, which didn't exactly help matters.  I would have gone out with my camera later but I really didn't feel up to that.  The promised sunshine didn't happen so there isn't much sparkle and the snow is melting fast now.  On the whole, I think I'm glad it's not staying.