Flying solo

I've mentioned the community-owned Half Moon Café in Roberts Park before; it was attractively refurbished a couple of years ago.  Saltaire Cricket Club, who oversee the running of it, have built it up into quite a successful venture, with the help of a manager and a lot of volunteers.  It has limited opening hours during the winter (Wed to Sun: 10am - 4pm) but seems to remain popular... you often see people sitting outside, even when it's quite cold, though it's very pleasant inside too.

For some time now, they have had a regular programme of exhibitions of work by local artists, which provides a point of interest along the long, curved wall inside.   I'm pleased to announce that the exhibition during February and March will be some photographs of mine... my first solo exhibition.  Sounds really grand, doesn't it?  It helps that the organiser of the exhibition space is a good friend, but I do know she wouldn't have asked me if she hadn't thought my work was up to scratch.  It's been quite a process trying to decide which photos to display (and due to the nature of the space I had to choose mostly 'portrait format' prints).  In the end I decided to use my blog as the theme and to concentrate largely (though not exclusively) on photographs of Saltaire, as I think they will be interesting to most of the folk who drop into the Café.  The prints are all prepared and framed - they will be hung this weekend (unless we get snowed in!)

If you live locally, do please drop in and see them and enjoy a coffee and a cake in the Café whilst you're there.  All the photos have been shown on my blog at some point in the past, so if you're not local you're only missing the fun, not the pictures!

(This has blown my cover now, hasn't it?  But it didn't seem quite right to use 'jennyfreckles', my blog identity, for an exhibition.  In the beginning I was ultra cautious about blogging but I don't think I need to worry any more.)