Taking shape

Teeth are big business these days.  There was an article in the newspaper recently saying how many celebrities, including the Duchess of Cambridge, are having expensive cosmetic treatments on their teeth.  And what, perhaps you're asking, has that got to do with a half-finished building in Shipley?  Well, this is going to be the headquarters of an orthodontics firm, Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd.  You may recall me showing the skeleton of the factory way back in the spring.   From this to this to the above, in about eight months.  The glazing is in and they are working on the interior now.

The factory has turned out to be much larger than it looked at first - unfortunately for the residents of the cottages behind it.  Furthermore its modern, angular design bears little relationship to anything in the surrounding area, and certainly not to the historic, honey stone mill buildings of Saltaire, which are now hidden behind it.   The wing that you can't see, at the back, is clad in dark grey metal sheeting.  I'm a bit surprised that it got through the planning process - but maybe that shouldn't surprise me really!  It is supposed to be a very eco-conscious construction, so perhaps that triumphed over aesthetics.