One landscape, many views

I was in Bradford recently and took the opportunity to reconnoitre the new City Park, which has been under construction for a while, around the lovely old City Hall... it's not yet finished enough for good photos, I decided.  (I was wrong - check this out..)  However, I did notice this interesting reflection in a nearby building.

Our local newspaper, The Telegraph and Argus, built an extension to its Victorian headquarters some years ago.  This large glass-clad wing houses its printing presses.  Look carefully and you can see some rolls of newsprint ready to be used.  At present it has this huge banner: "Bradford - one landscape, many views" at the top of the window.  I thought the reflection was a nice illustration of just that sentiment.  The largest reflected building is one of the solid Victorian structures that are scattered about the city and houses the local council's finance department, among other businesses.  The buildings to the left are what remains of some developments built in the 60s/70s, some of which have already been demolished(!)

If I can get round to linking it, this will be a 'Weekend Reflections' post... I haven't done one for a while.... (Later)... OK, I'm linked.  Click here to get access to everyone else's gorgeous and imaginative reflections themed photos for this weekend.