The Co-op

It's very different from the heavy stone Victorian architecture in Bradford but somehow I've always quite liked this building, Sunwin House, opened in 1936 as The Co-operative Emporium, the flagship store of Bradford's Co-operative Society.  It was designed by W A Johnson, the Co-operative Wholesale Society's chief architect, in the 'International Modernist' style.  It's a Grade II listed building, owing to its intact survival both inside and out.  When the Co-op pulled out in 2004, it briefly became a T J Hughes store.  That also closed down recently and now it's another empty building.  Let's hope it doesn't deteriorate and that someone else is visionary enough to take it over (John Lewis?? hint, hint...)

Generations of Bradford folk must have memories of the store.  I recall in my student days buying my first ever small black and white TV from here, on an interest-free credit deal that I was scrupulous about paying off every month.  I felt very grown-up!  Lots of children must have been brought here to buy their 'best coats' and shoes and to whisper their hopes to Santa Claus in his grotto at Christmas.

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