A Story in the Works...

Amateur boxer Roberta Pappas holds her 1 year-old daughter, Aleecia after her first fight back in the ring since a 5 year absence in which she spent three months in the Framingham jail and discovered she was pregnant with her only child. Pappas lost her first fight back to the second ranking amateur boxer in the country, but she plans to keep training with the hopes winning the Golden Gloves and entering the Olympics in 2012. More to come...

After a long blogging hiatus...

I have been shooting, just not blogging. Currently working at The Eagle-Tribune:
the paper covers a large area Northwest of Boston all the way up into New Hampshire.
Drop me a line and let me know what you guys are up to and where everyone's working at.
Hope you all are safe, secure and still-a-shootin'.

Good Friday Crucifixion

Ann Hermes/Photo The Eagle-Tribune.
Members of The New Life Christian Assembly of God perform a live reenactment of the stations of the cross in honor of Good Friday at GAR Park in Haverhill.