Black with neon
Processions 2010 - New York

Between these two tendencies, the heart of the creators balances, so much so that some chose to begin their show with a succession of total looks liquorices, to finish by parts ultra bright. In other words, little manages to make a choice between the smart austerity of rigour and a vitaminized pallet carrying optimism. Blow, the extremes cohabit…

It carries the world on its shoulders…
Processions 2010 - New York

So on the podiums the emanations 80/90' S tend to grow blurred, one of the strong points of the time remains more than ever of topicality: look of Stéphanie of Monaco in “Hurricane”. Indeed, the marked breadths are legion and seem to want to impose itself as a new aesthetic standard.
A thing is nevertheless certain: the fashion helps to feel stronger. Consequently, that it is out of cocktail dress version “the last of the Samurais”, into bikeuse SM or poncho army, all is good to seize the power on the sinistrose diffused 24:00 /24 on TF1.

However in stock
Processions 2010 - New York

Eternal blue-chip stock, gold is the only able one to reassure the savers. Consequently, if the fashionistas do not have the means of acquiring some napoléons, they can always mitigate this lack of safety by the acquisition of clothing and accessories étincelants, which see their dimension going up out of arrow.

The color gold losing in New York any connotation disco music or R' B (with the profit of a smart register), it will be of good tone not to leave this kind parts sleep at the bank. One will then carry them either with black, or with white, and one will misera on elegant volumes and minimalists.

Abundance of furs
Processions 2010 - New York

PETA did not finish taking Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld in influenza. Indeed, to judge of it by the plethoric presence of the fur at the time of the New Yorkean processions, it would be astonishing that the large magazines are not made the echo of it…

The next winter, the fur will thus remain a sure value. However, far from confining itself with the masterly parts, it squatte also collars and wrists, heating thus more and more the modeuses ones…

Shaker of printed papers form
Processions 2010 - New York

With final, one retains that if one wants to mix overall, one avoids the matters disco music, one supports the harmonies of color and one does not hesitate to raise the whole by the means of a printed accessory.