Janis Miglavs - Trip to China

When I tell people that I’m headed back to China to finish a book on Chinese Vineyards and Wineries, the common reaction is: “I didn’t even know that China had vineyards and wineries.” Well, yes they do. In fact, China has more vineyard acreage than the United States and produces more wine than Germany. Raise your hand proudly if you knew that.

And yes, I just landed in Beijing two hours ago with a list of five vineyards and wineries to visit in the northeast part of China. This blog will be about the adventures, people and culture I encounter. And judging from my first trip in May, we should have lots of fun. On that adventure, a Chinese winery and wine region even hired me. (That should look good on the ol’ resume.)

For those who don’t know me, I’m a Sherwood, Oregon-based, former National Geographic shooter turned commercial photographer who specializes in the wine industry, among other subjects. I’ve done two books about wineries, and the latest, Oregon The Taste of Wine, just won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin gold medal for the best Regional book in North America.

-Janis Miglavs

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